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produce:ryo さん
translate:髭の人 さん
neko さん


When I woke up this morning
There something came up in my mind
Yes,it was you

I made up my mind to change my hairstyle
'cause I want you to be impressed

I wear my favorite jacket
and a silver skull-ring
Then I get out of my room
Today, I am so different from yesterday

MELT! Oh, I'm gonna melt to think of you
However, I can never say that
Let me here say MELT! oh,
I can't even look into your eyes
I promise, I love you from the heart,
I'm serious
'cause it is you who's holding my heart,
so tightly...

Weather seems to get worse
I don't trust in forecast anymore
I'm caught in a downpour
It was okey to drop in
a store to get an umbrella
but I noticed her sign

Then, suddenly, I say a word
"I jump in, if you wish"
wish you didn't realize that I'm shy
Now I fall in love with you, oh baby

MELT! Oh, I can'teven keep breathing
I got a shock
when I touched on your right hand
Hey, listen to my heartbeat!
I'm sharing an umbrella with you
I can touch on you if I want to
Oh Jesus...
I want you to know that I love you...

Oh please Got stop time for me
or I'm about to cry
But it makes me feel so happy
that I'm gonna die!

MELT! Oh, it's time for us to depart now... 
We'll meet again, but now is the end
I never want to let you go
So MELT! Oh,
Got please tie us FOREVER!
Is it really the time to say good-bye?
I hold you and whisper my love for you
...I just think of it!


produce:doriko さん(きりたんP)
translate:neko さん


We can make tragedy better than what it was
forget the fact and leave behind
My heart is still sleeping with a fatal wound
But the doubts inside me are rising

I don't to fall in love with you
'cause I realize that you're never real
vivid memories, words of sympathy
I hate those dreams I just want to know the truth

tell me... someone

Ah, there's nobody in this lonesome world
I shed tears and I don't know why
I can see the sky beyond tthe solitude
My love has no place to go no matter how hard I wish
oh, my heart hurts...

Crawling in the same space
I lost my consciousness
faint away...
An answer doesn't satisfy
Please think about when you've got it
I don't think that you can stand

Ah, past times, whatever stays is lie
I can't help doubting it never stop
Is this areality? Is this an illusion?
You betray me again and my heart is torn apart
Ah, my heart hurts

「you lie to me... your words are never real...」
「what do you think deep inside your heart?」

Ah, do I want to love, do Iwanna be loved
I can't remember which L have chosen

Somebody hurts me, I hurt someone
We both are living our lives
Ah, I'm alone and I feel the day never dawn
But believe that you're still there
so I'm searching for...
the love that doesu't exist
So my herat hurts


produce:halyosy さん
arrange:is さん
translate:neko さん


「最初から君を好きでいられて良かった」 なんて

["Saisho kara kmi wo suki de irarete yokatta" nante
Sora ni utaunda]

["ดีจริงๆ ที่ฉันชอบเธอมาตั้งแต่แรก" ถึงจะยังไงก็เถอะ

Looking for place where I can shoot up
my canister of dreams
So I left my home town
my cell phone vibrates so I turned it off
something fired my fuse
no one can stop me now

If the end of the world would be today
oh, without doubt,
we would be together forever and ever

Like a fire flower
Please make sure that I won't dissapear
Sparkle and fly to the sky
and my dreams will come true
I even lied to you,
"It wasn't good for me
that you're my first girl"
What have I said to you...

Unfamiliar places
An unnatural smile
They are out of place
Today is nice festival
You left a message,
it says "cheer up!"
hey, I'm gonna quench the fire with my tears

If that kiss was the Big Bang
yeah, I'm sure it was
Thousands of stars in the sky are
traces of the miracles we made

Like a fire flower
I'll explode my dream
so that you can find me easily
It sounds like a thunder
"I shouldn't have fell in love with you"
I lie to you again
Maybe you know I'm just shy to say the truth


[Barenterun darou na
Umare mo sodachi mo
BARABARA na bokura
Sugata mo katachi mo
Sorezore na bokura
Otoko mo onna mo
Chiguhagu na bokura
Soredemo kokoro wo
Hitotsu ni dekitanara]


If our lives would be sparkling fireworks
Even at the moment,
I would like to put a light on our love

Like a Fire Flower いつか 
「最初から君を好きでいられて良かった」 なんて 

[Like a Fire Flower Itsuka
Yozora ni tairin wo
Sakasu sono toki made matte kure
"Saisho kara kimi wo suki de irarete yokatta" nante
Sora ni utaunda]

"ดีจริงๆ ที่ฉันชอบเธอมาตั้งแต่แรก" ถึงจะยังไงก็เถอะ


produce:ryo さん
translate:neko さん


I tasted my selty tears when you gave me my first kiss
It was just like a drama that I had seen
The starting bell tore us apart / it must've been written in the script

The chilly wind grazed along my cheek
I breathed out rubbed my hands together
in order to warm them up
The brilliant illuminations decorating the bare trees
make the streets a wonderland

How could I tell you this feeling?
I swallowed my words
It was beter to leave them unsaid
don't think that I am stupid
It's a promise between me and myself
No more looking back though it hurts

ありがとう サヨナラ
[Arigatou Sayonare]
My heart-breaking one-sided love
I'll just keep on moving on then I can get over you
So please let me say thank you and good bye
though It's gonna make me cry
When I tried not to burst into tears
a snowflake touched on my skin
It melted away and disappeared

Walking down toward the atation, I felt totally left out
"Hey baby, it's snowing!" said some girl to her lover

All I wanted was to be like her
I hoped it was not too late
In my bag was a hand-knitted muffler

How could I give this present for you?
I am just a coward... and I am just afraid
Is it okay to let it go if it would be a memory?
I say to myself, "you're sure about that?"

ありがとう サヨナラ
[Arigatou Sayonare]
I should have been prepared for this
and made my self not to regret any of it
Why am I saying just thank you and good bye?
How could I be so strong?
The train will soon arrive but I don't want it to
I can't make myself understand why my heart hurts

I want you for my own
I wished for God, but still I'm all alone
Insecurity and emptiness
Oh why does it hurt this much just to say good bye?

You will have to go (You will have to go)
I know, I know...
Don't be so kind that you make me cry again
"...please let me go."

I will never forget you
I love you so much

ありがとう サヨナラ
[Arigatou Sayonare]
I can't say a word so please God, give me some courage
"Hey, wait...I...I..."
then I realized that there's no distance between you and me
Can I cry just for now?
Words are no longer needed
Hold me tight, and never let me go

Never let me go...

What's gonna happen to us this time next year is never known but
promise me to be who you wanna be



คอมโบเนโกะซัง(คง) หมดเพียงเท่านี้ล่ะเน้อแต่งวดหน้ากันบล็อคเน่าจะมาแปะแบบเวอร์ปะกิดอีกหลายๆเพลง :p




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