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【Lunetia】the wind of flowers [lyric]

posted on 04 May 2010 23:34 by cruximissa in NicoNico

Lyric : ルシュカ
Compose : neko / ゆよゆっぺ / ルシュカ
Arrange : neko / Lunetia
Director : nsD fucco
Hair & Makeup : 雛國ミキ
Movie encode : まるP
Special thanks : PUPI

the wind of flowers

I won't forget the day
they puffed out your candle
the fire went off
and it never came back again

the story just kind of ened
I tried to give you a light in vain
you'll never get this time back
only one life to live

the staff of life
the moment we took in
and exhaled

you were gone
simply you were not there
you were gone
though you were there

I won't forget May
we didn't know how to distrust
the fire was burning
so brightly it blinded me

this book has only about 20 pages
and doesn't have the certain end
if someone tries to write the rest
that's just another start

'cause you are gone
simply you are not there
you are gone
though you were there

the ink dries
the rain pours
but don't wash away our memories

cause we want to

remember you are gone
simply you were here
you are gone
and we are here

Here's your pen
the moment you dropped it
and tried to pick up
you were gone
and we are here
not to let them forget you



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